15 – 17 May, Friday – Sunday

For young adults ages 18 – 35 yo

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Welcome to Sacramentum Online!

It’s great to have you here at our very first online conference! We prepared many exciting activities for you over the weekend, but before that, take a moment to watch and listen to a few words from our Archbishop Timothy Costelloe! He has a very special message for all of the young people attending the conference.

Adeline and Theo are also excited to see you all online! They share a few important information for you to make the most out of the online conference.

Take a moment and watch these videos before the conference begins.

The Five Great Loves

The theme of this year’s conference is The Five Great Loves inspired by Jason Evert’s book Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves.

  • Young People
  • Human Love
  • The Blessed Sacrament
  • The Virgin Mary
  • The Cross

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About Sacramentum Online

Sacramentum is an online conference for young adults aimed to answer those difficult questions that some are afraid to ask.

Join us in May 2020 for a weekend where you can rediscover what it really means to be a Catholic and how to live your life to the fullest.

Online Presenters and Speakers

We’ve brought all your favourite speakers in one place!

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Adeline Bock

Director, Catholic Youth Ministry Perth


Adeline is the Director of Catholic Youth Ministry Perth. In 2017, she took a leap of faith and said ‘yes’ to the Lord’s calling in joining full-time youth ministry work and waved goodbye to her corporate career. 3 years later, she is still here. Apparently, when you are open to the Lord, He does take you up on that offer. Adeline is a wife who finds joy spending time with her husband (mostly keeping him well-fed), Marian devotion, fitness, and enjoying a strong cup of coffee.

Paul Kelly

Head of Religious Education Co-ordinator, Aquinas College

Paul Kelly is married with four children.  He hails from Bonnie, Scotland.  Before he emigrated to Australia in 1997, he was an Optician working with spectacles and contact lenses.  Now, he is a Religious Education Co-ordinator working at a Catholic Boarding School in Perth.  He holds a master’s degree in religious education from the University of Notre Dame. Paul has a passion for youth evangelisation.  His hobbies include soccer, cycling, and beating his youngest son at chess.

Vincent Haber

Faith Education Officer , Archdiocese of Sydney

Vincent has three passions – God, cake and family, in that order. He is a strong advocate for coffee, cake, and catch-ups for building relationships and self-formation. He is currently working for the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine as a Faith Education Officer for the Archdiocese of Sydney, which gives him the opportunity to reach out and share the love of God to the young people in the public schools. His biggest role model is St John Paul II – who encourages him to be joyful and to seek Jesus every day. 

Dr Peter Cristofides

Lecturer, University of Notre Dame

Peter was born in South Africa of Greek parents and moved to Australia in 2009.  Peter completed a master’s degree in Biblical Studies at the University of Johannesburg, where he also did a Doctorate (D. Litt et Phil) on Peace and Reconciliation.  He went on to complete a second Doctorate (PhD) on the importance of the role of the laity in the mission of the Church.  He is currently lecturing in Theology, New Testament and Greek at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle.

Natalie Thomas

Tutor, University of Notre Dame

Natalie holds a Master of Theology from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family Studies in Melbourne and a Master of Philosophy by Research from the University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle. Natalie has provided numerous presentations and workshops in the Archdioceses of Perth and Melbourne. Natalie has an interest in how a relationship with God impacts our everyday life and our deepest relationships. She has a passion for assisting others in personal growth and formation.

Dr Marco Ceccarelli

Director, Centre for Faith Enrichment

Marco is the Director of the Centre for Faith Enrichment and a Lecturer in Church History and Theology at the University of Notre Dame Australia. A former Journalist for The eRecord, Marco is committed to offering people an educational experience that draws on the richness of the Catholic tradition. He is married with 3 young boys and lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Br Sheldon Burke CRS 


Br Sheldon Burke CRS, is a local religious in formation in the Somascan Fathers order based in both Perth, after his initial formation in Italy for 3 years where he also worked with orphans, the sick and the homeless. Br Sheldon is currently a secondary RE and Science school teacher, before resuming his studies towards the priesthood. He enjoys working with young people in evangelisation, Marian devotion and Religious Education.

Michael Chong


Michael spent the greater part of his life as an agnostic. He was baptised into the Catholic Church in 2014.  In his neophyte year, he established the Bateman Adult Faith Formation Team and his main focus is now Evangelisation Australia. He is a husband and a father of four children.  Aside from managing and operating Image Dental in Applecross as Principle Dentist, he is completing his master’s degree in Theology from Franciscan University, Steubenville.


Various catechesis are available on-demand throughout the weekend.

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St John Paul II, we love you!

by Vincent Haber

We will explore St John Paul II’s “Five LOVES” and why he is a great role model and still relevant for the youth of today. Vincent will also share his fond memories of John Paul II, from his first World Youth Day in Manila 1995 to visiting John Paul II’s birthplace in Poland.

Carrying Our Cross as the Hope of Truth
in The Midst Of Suffering

by Dr Peter Christofides

Peter will look at the reality of evil and suffering and how we can find hope in the midst of this pain by looking at the Scriptures and those who have gone before us, such as, Pope John Paul II.

The role of the Blessed Virgin Mary
in the lives of her children

by Paul Kelly

Paul’s talk will focus the power and value of Marian devotion in the life of the believer.  It provides practical ways in which we can deepen our love and fidelity to Our Lord through the intercession of Our lady.

About Human Love

by Natalie Thomas

Natalie’s talk will look at the concept of love as the universal vocation of every human person. It will delve into the meaning of love discussed by Josef Peiper in his book About Love and Pope St John Paul II’s (JPII) explanation of the love that exists within the Holy Trinity, which grounds the Catholic understanding of human love. This talk will then focus on the significant role of our bodies and sexuality in living this call to love and what JPII calls ‘the personalistic norm’.

The Eucharist is the Heart of the Church – JP II

by Michael Chong

St John Paul the Great is well known for many things, but amongst one of his greatest loves is that of the Blessed Sacrament.  It has been said that he would spend hours in front of the Eucharist in Adoration, lost in prayer.  In the Easter of 2003, almost exactly 2 years before his death, Pope John Paul II released his final encyclical, entitled “Ecclesia de Eucharistia” or “The Church from the Eucharist”.  In this talk, we will explore sections of this powerful Papal Document; looking at the love that St John Paul the Great had for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Exploring how we too can follow in his footsteps in making the Eucharist not only central in our lives, but also in our mission to spread the Good News.

The Joy of Announcing the Gospel: Evangelisation of and for Young People in contemporary Australia

by Dr Marco Ceccarelli

The term “Evangelisation” has its roots in the ancient Greek word εὐαγγέλιον (transliterated as euangelion). This word comes from two elements εὖ (well) and ἀγγέλλειν (to announce) and literally means “bringing good news”. To evangelise is to bring good news to others but, how can we do this? And, when is the appropriate time? This talk will focus on evangelisation as a relationally driven, not program based exercise grounded on the announcement of the Kerygma – the kernel of the Gospel that centers on Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

Our call for love and mission

by Adeline Bock

This talk will look at our call to love and mission based on the encyclicals of St John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio (Mission of the Redeemer). Now that we have been equipped with the teachings of our faith based on the 5 Great Loves of St John Paul II, what’s next? You will learn about saying your ‘yes’ to be sent forth on mission and come to know the genuine joy of proclaiming the Good News.


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